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…our flagship digital media sales training program – our 3 day workshop condensed into an online learning program. Get instant access to the program now or read on for more details…

Do you wish you or your team were more confident selling digital media? As the media sales industry constantly evolves, you don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg to know that everyone needs to up their game in digital.

For several years, digitalbrief has developed, refined and delivered a 3 day digital media sales face-to-face workshop. We’ve worked with media sales teams all over Australia and Asia and for the first time ever, we are making it available in an online learning format.

Through experience and client feedback, we know our digital media sales programs increase digital media sales. The feedback from clients is overwhelming. Just read through our extensive testimonials and references.

After pressure from our existing clients we’ve created:

Who is behind digital media sales advantage and who is digitalbrief?

Digitalbrief is the leading independent digital marketing and media training business based in Australia. We have clients over APAC leveraging 8 years experience in corporate training in the marketing industry. If you want to learn more about the business take a look at

3 Reasons Why You Should learn Digital from us

1. Experience
The product leverages the experience of founder and lead trainer of digitalbrief, Russell Easther.

Russell has sold digital media whilst working at leading local and multinational media agencies, direct to clients and trains agency and marketing staff in the areas of digital marketing and media. Russell draws on 13 years in the industry, working in New York, Dubai, Sydney and Melbourne.

Being exposed to publishers, agency, marketers and direct clients gives digitalbrief invaluable insight into the industry. Without breaking client trust, we give you deep insights into the major challenges and objectives of different stakeholders.

2. Certified
Our lead trainer, Russell Easther, was the first Australian to receive the Digital Media Sales Certification in Australia. To read the article pictured to the right, visit IAB Australia.

3. Trusted and Proven
Over several years we have worked with many of the major players in the publishing industry. Below is just a selection of our current and past clients including agency and direct sales teams:

Trainers for the Experts

We also train members of the Australian Marketing Institute. In the past trainers have also worked with AIMIA and ADMA. digitalbrief is also a member of the IAB Australia

Now, for the first time, media sales professionals can get access to first class digital media sales training to:

  1. Position and pitch your product confidently in the context of the broader market place
  2. Provide you a solid & strategic level of knowledge so you can hold and maintain a strategic discussion with clients in digital marketing and media
  3. Challenge your client or stakeholders with confidence in the channel
  4. Address digital media and marketing sticking points & sales objections
  5. Present campaign digital media reports with a clear and structured process (so you never feel embarrassed again)
  6. Communicate external industry information and insights to support discussions across the digital channel to support the sales channel
  7. Know when to use certain selling methods, such as CPM, CPC etc.
  8. Learn how the market pitches different media products to the marketplace
  9. Appreciate the changing nature of the digital media landscape
  10. Understand industry standard digital marketing and media strategies

Digital Media Sales Advantage will…

give you confidence to transition or refine your skills in digital media, so you can surpass your digital media sales targets! Once you’ve entered your username and password (delivered to you minutes after you’ve requesting it) you will gain access to content spanning:

Training Techniques Included:

As you can see the product is packed full of digital marketing and media knowledge specifically for you. Through consultation and experience in designing online learning programs, we communicate these concepts through a variety of training techniques.
Video Based Training
Recreating the face-to-face Digital Media Sales Advantage workshop maintains a human face to online learning. We’ve recorded the best parts of our face-to-face workshops in a professional studio to ensure you get the best learning experience.
Detailed, Yet Scanable Content
Our subject matter experts and online learning experts collaborated to ensure you get the most out of our detailed explanation on topics.
Links to External Content
Throughout our workshops we point you to Vimeo, Youtube, Industry websites and more for you to learn more detailed information at your convenience. Infographics, downloadable ebooks.
Screenflow Screen Captures
Sometimes a voiceover on an animated slide is the best way to communicate complex digital landscapes.
Handy Bookmarking Feature
So you can mark off what you’ve completed, and see how close you are to completing a workshop. Perfect for busy professionals who want to bite off snack sized pieces of content over time.
Regular Marketing Email Update
Get access to our curated news and market changes to specifically for the digital marketing and media scene. We only report on what impacts Digital Media Sales Advantage clients across the world.

This is the best digital media sales training product on the market, but don’t take our word for it…

Read just some of testimonials from satisfied Digital Media Sales Advantage clients:



What does it cost?

We’ve increased high profile publishers’ digital media sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars by sharing our knowledge on how to sell digital media to agency and clients directly. For the first time, we are making this accessible for the professional who values an investment in their career. Just imagine the commissions you could make if you could develop or refine your skills in digital media, so you could perform at your optimum level in front of clients. You can gain access to digital media sales advantage now (only takes 5 minutes) for only $897 incl of GST. This is 3 days of face-to-face training condensed into an online training format. (That’s about $300 per day!)

For those professionals who have more time up their sleeve to learn even more, we’ve bundled digital media sales advantage together with the most relevant aspects of our digital marketing training product, Accelerate.

Do you want to learn more? You also get SELECT access to media sales relevant sections of…

Accelerate is our flagship product for agencies and marketers. It’s jam packed full of digital marketing workshops, with many relevant to digital media sales professionals! With your purchase of digital media sales advantage you get access to the following online workshops within Accelerate:
“Managing Digital Paid Media” Online Workshop
This workshop is designed for BUYERS of digital media on how to effectively manage an agency. This outlines how to plan an audience or direct response led digital media. This will give any media sales person a great insight into how digital media is planned, bought, tracked and measured.
“Managing Search Engine Marketing” Online Workshop
Ex Google, Jasper Vallance, gives you an insight into the best practice of managing a corporate Adwords account. Google Adwords is the world’s most popular form of online advertising. It’s essential you know how it works.
“Chrome Extensions for Media Sales” Online Workshop
Over the years we’ve collected a library of Chrome Extensions that help media sales professionals conduct daily sales tasks more efficiently. There are hidden gems within this workshop – a favourite of many.
“Chrome Extensions for Marketers” Online Workshop
Similar to the media sales version, this is targeted to marketing managers. Increase productivity, work smarter with partners and get more marketing stuff done with less hassle with this handy collection of Chrome Extensions.
Access to our Fortnightly Digital Marketing and Media Sales Curated Insights Email
There is a lot of media about the digital marketing and media industry. Some might say too much. Our regular ‘Accelerate Digital Update’ email only reports on selective topics relevant to our members. We promise we won’t bombard you with insights, just the very best when they come out. Less is more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you need multiple logins for your team?
A. Shoot me a note direct and I’ll be able to give you a price for multiple logins for the product. One login is for one user only. ([email protected])
Q. How reputable is the training?
A. Very. Digitalbrief supplies training to marketing associations, major publishers and major agency networks. Feedback regarding accuracy and relevancy of content is very high. We wouldn’t be invited back to work with this caliber of client if we didn’t deliver on this point.
Q. How long does it take to complete the training?
A. It depends how detailed you want to go and the particular workshop. Some are 3-4 hours long, others can take up to 8hrs. The workshops have a handy bookmark feature that allows people to come and go as they please, yet remember how much you’ve completed.
Q. What support is included?
A. We have support features built within the product, and if you need help at any time simply email [email protected] and someone will be with you within 9 business hours.
Q. Why is the product priced so (ummm)…. economically?
A. We believe that the industry should be able to afford quality digital marketing and media learning resources at a very reasonable price. We also recognise that many people who buy this product may be interested in our many face-to-face workshops.
Q. How often is the content updated?
A. We update particular sections of all of our online products quarterly.

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