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…The most comprehensive and affordable digital marketing & media knowledge product in the corporate marketplace, today…

As we move towards marketing in a digital world, marketers must update and refresh their skills to remain relevant in the marketplace. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned professional, knowing how the major digital marketing and media channels operate is essential so you can operate within and lead marketing strategies now, and into the future.One of biggest challenges of the modern marketer is keeping up with digital’s pace of change. The digital marketing & media industry moves very quickly and grows in complexity every month. How does one keep their knowledge and skills current in today’s environment?

Do you know the current strategies, marketplace and tactics across Search? Marketing Technology? Digital Paid Media? Programmatic? Website Development? Marketing Automation? Social Media?

With 40 years of combined digital marketing and media experience, collaborating with many specialist digital marketers, corporate trainers and online learning experts, we created:

Accelerate is an online learning resource to help the marketing industry:

  1. Devise stronger digital marketing & media strategies and concepts
  2. Challenge your agency or internal departments
  3. Better position and sell your digital strategy to stakeholders
  4. Get promoted or the next job by ‘ticking the digital box’
  5. Stay up to date in the digital marketing and media landscape
  6. Understand where each digital marketing and media channel fits into marketing strategies
  7. Provide a depth of knowledge into specific areas of digital where and when required and convenient

“To ultimately increase your confidence when making day-to-day digital marketing and media decisions in your day to day life”

Russ Easther
Digital Marketing & Media Lead Trainer, digitalbrief

“Accelerate is kind’ve our digital training life’s work. We’ve put a lot of what we’ve done across years of training into one product so everyone can get access to it.”

Within Accelerate you’ll learn how to:

  1. Harness untapped potential in the digital world with our ‘Digital Marketing & Media Essentials Workshop
  2. Design and implement sound content marketing strategies
  3. Deliver social media plans and ideas
  4. Navigate the endless opportunities in programmatic media and trading
  5. Create paid media and marketing strategies that fill the funnel and convert the bottom line
  6. Devise strategic retention strategies with automation smarts
  7. Comprehend and manage the development of user experience journeys
  8. Establish robust SEO principles and support these with paid SEM strategy
  9. Strategise, implement and automate your digital marketing

What’s Included Within Accelerate?

Digital Marketing and Media Essentials
This is our most popular workshop! Get a wide breadth of knowledge across the most important elements of digital marketing including strategy, search, social, content marketing and more.
Content Marketing Strategy
Paul Chappell from StoryLab created this course in combination with digitalbrief to give you an overview of modern Content Marketing. Keep an eye out for many local and international examples to contextualise the workshop.
Chrome Extensions for Marketers
Chrome Extensions are an add-on to your Google Chrome browser. Many marketers are generally oblivious to the capability they possesses. We’ve categorized them for your convenience. Enjoy!
Managing Your SEM for Maximum Return on Investment
Ex Googler Jasper Vallance, shares his secrets on how to manage an effective SEM account. Whether you are managing an external agency or internal team you’ll get the most of your Adwords spend after this workshop.
Managing SEO Strategy & Implementation
Gain the confidence and strategies to work with your in-house SEO specialists or team.
Programmatic Media
Programmatic media is a rapidly growing area of digital marketing. After reading the below you will have a great grasp on the strategy, technology and it’s place in modern marketing.
Marketing Automation Strategy
Graham Porter, found of RMS marketing, and digitalbrief collaborated to created this marketing automation workshop. You’ll learn the tools processes and systems to increase marketing efficiency through several automated marketing channels.
Managing Digital Paid Media
Challenge your agency with these insights from an ex-professional digital media buyer.
CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation for Better Marketing Results
Use our strategies and techniques to increase your onsite conversion rates to generate more leads, sales, applications and meet other digital marketing objectives.
Digital Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
The everyday marketer working in the medium sized brand or agency can get incredibled mileage with some sound strategic advice and marketing tools contained within this workshop

Learn anywhere, on any device

Accelerate is best viewed on a tablet or desktop but this product can be accessed from all device types including smartphone, tablets, desktop and laptop.

Training Techniques Included:

As you can see the product is packed full of digital marketing and media knowledge specifically for you. Through consultation and experience in designing online learning programs, we communicate these concepts through a variety of training techniques.
Video Based Training
Recreating a face to face to workshop subtly through Accelerate helps keep a human face to online learning. We’ve recorded some of the best parts of our face to face workshops in a professional studio to ensure you get the best learning.
Detailed, Yet Scanable Content
Our subject matter experts and online learning experts collaborated to ensure you get the most out of our detailed explanation on topics.
Links to External Content
Throughout our workshops we point you to Vimeo, Youtube, Industry websites and more for you to learn more detailed information at your convenience. Infographics, downloadable ebooks.
Screenflow Screen Captures
Sometimes a voiceover an animated slide is the best way to communicate complex digital landscapes.
Handy Bookmarking Feature
So you can mark off what you’ve done, and see how close you are to completing a workshop. Perfect for busy professionals who want to bite off snack sized pieces of content over time.
Regular Marketing Email Update
Get access to our curated news and market changes to specifically for the digital marketing and media scene. We only report on the news that impacts Accelerate clients across the world.

Who is Accelerate designed for?

  • Any marketer looking to upskill in digital marketing and media
  • Seasoned marketing professionals
  • Agency Staff
  • Career changers from generalist marketer to digital specialist
  • Under or post grad students
  • Startups and entrepreneurs

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What does it cost?

We’ve priced Accelerate to be very affordable for both individuals and businesses alike. We believe everyone should be able to afford this product within their personal budget, or from within their annual training budget (or expense account)…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How reputable is the training?
A. Very. Digitalbrief supplies training to marketing associations, major publishers, major agency networks. Feedback across accuracy and relevancy across the content is very high. We wouldn’t be invited back to work with this calibar of client if we didn’t deliver on this point.
Q. How long does it take to complete one of the online workshop?
A. It depends on how detailed you want to go and the particular workshop. Some are a 3-4 hours long, others can take up to 8. The workshops have a handy book mark feature that allows people to come and go as they please, yet remember how much you’ve completed.
Q. What support is included?
A. We have support features built within the product, and if you need help at any time simply email help @ digitalbrief. and someone will be with you within 9 business hours.
Q. Why is the product priced so (ummm)…. economically?
A. We believe that the industry should be able to afford quality digital marketing and media learning resources at a very reasonable price. We also recognize that many people who buy this product may be interested in our many face to face workshops.
Q. I work in a media sales role or publisher side.
A. If you want to learn what your clients are learning – this is for you. However, Digital Media Sales Advantage is better for you. It is tailored for your needs and gives you access to the relevant parts of Accelerate.
Q. I work in a marketing department, media or creative agency. Is the product relevant for me?
A. Yes – Very – it’s designed for you!

What are you waiting for?

With access to the material based on your learning hunger, you’ll get inside knowledge on what the top digital marketers are doing today. The workshops are designed to:
  • Give you the confidence to create and present digital strategies that meet business objectives
  • Ability to challenge agencies and internal teams
  • Make a difference to your digital marketing bottom line
  • Launch, implement and show results with powerful content marketing solutions
  • Be a better marketer with better marketing principles and professional digital marketing strategies
  • Propel your career by leaping the curve with the right know-how